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Author and researcher, Joshua Shapiro, has been involved with the crystal skulls since 1983 when he had an opportunity to be in the presence of an amethyst skull located in northern California. At that time, he felt a very strong connection with this artifact, which forever changed his life. Since then, he has devoted a great deal of time and effort to sharing key information with others about the crystal skulls and the role they have to play in the prophesized ‘Golden Age’.

Joshua will be providing us with theories about where some of the oldest Crystal Skulls came from and how they were made, plus scientific research that has been conducted in order to understand how the energy that is linked or emanated by the these Skulls create profound changes in people. Also discussed will be the Hollow Earth and UFO connections, and what happens when the Skulls are placed inside crop circles.

We will also learn how to activate our own personal Crystal Skull, and why the newly made ones are as important as the old or ancient ones. During all of this, Joshua will share some fascinating and interesting personal experiences that have occured throughout his work.



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