The UTE wordpress is CHANGING!

The sky is falling! The UTE wordpress is CHANGING! Both are kind of true in their own special way. The_Lad will be doing some upgrading, changing of things here. Fear NOT! If you see things disappear, or move around, we are NOT trying to emulate the ‘new’ facebook! We are attempting to set up a system whereby the transition of information from broadcast to archive to blog-post will be much smoother and more often!

If you have any questions, or comments..feel free to post them here or send us a message! Thank you for your patience! Much Love and all that good stuff!

The Brand New Uncensored Show


That’s right.  We decided long ago that it was about time to bring out the biff and pack some real punches by way of ‘golden expressionism’, otherwise known as ‘colorful language’ and boy, did we certainly do THAT fairly well!   Continue reading


Welcome to the brand new Blog World of Universal Truth Evolution!

Stay tuned, literally, to The Universal Truth Evolution Show on Blogtalk Radio as we bring you the most up to date information on world events happening here at ‘Camp Human’ from a growing number of known and trusted sources, such as: Whistleblowers, Light Workers, Truth Seekers, Truth Activists and Disclosure Experts from all truth movement units.  We also focus on a wide range of topics designed to educate you and blow your mind as we move into 2012 – AND the times beyond!  Because we feel there IS and WILL BE plenty of time to live the rest of our lives, peacefully, on this great planet of ours. Continue reading

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