Universal Truth Evolution is a collective truth movement covering all topics not included in the mainstream media, involving our intelligent ancient past, our historical present time, and the consciousness raising evolution taking place now and leading us to the point of disclosure in our current lifetimes.

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UNITE with us at www.blogtalkradio.com/universaltruthevolution and feel the REVOLUTION that we, as Ultimate Narrators In Truth Expression are working towards achieving. To find real answers, we must search for real truths, and in doing so we actively deny the lies and expose the inner workings of the hidden elite, whose attempts to mute our voices and control our open minds are fading at the rate in which we are universally evolving!

The wide range of controversial topics we cover at U.T.E. is limited only by your imagination, because if you can imagine it, it’s real, and we cover it:

• MK ULTRA and it’s many sub-projects, Secret Programs and Black Operations
• Chemtrails, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and Monsanto
• Military Abductions and Mind Control
• Secret Space Program, Weapons Systems and Space Command
• Alien Abductions, UFOs and USOs
• HAARP, Project Blue Beam and False Flag Operations
• Secret Societies, Forbidden History and modern-day infiltration
• Stargates, Seagates and other Portals (On Planet, Off World, Dimensional and Time)
• Metaphysics, Consciousness and Evolution
• Crop Circles and Ancient, Mysterious and Sacred Locations
• Physics: The study of matter and energy and how they interact
• Self Empowerment, Sustenance and Enlightenment
• Atlantis and Lemuria and other Advanced Civilizations
• Ancient Alien Races, Star Systems, and Current Involvement
• FEMA, Marital Law and Self Protection
• Deep Underground Military Bases and other secret Facilities
• Inner/Middle Earth
• Energy Healing
• Mayan Calendar and 2012 and beyond: Proven theories and science-based facts
• Authors, researchers, and leading field experts – their discoveries and their works

With regular guest appearances and interviews with Whistleblowers, Light Workers, Truth Seekers, Truth Activists and Disclosure Experts via our interactive internet radio show, music from artists who have been awoken through their own experiences, access to Aaron McCollum’s very own Forbidden Vault containing thousands of previously undisclosed above top secret documents, books, reports, images and videos, PLUS soon to come documentaries, Universal Truth Evolution IS your most active source of FREE truth information!


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