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Planetary Aspects: The Archetypes Of Uranus And Pluto

During these ever changing times some might recognize redundancy like a re-run on television. A noetic sense of repetition that is imbedded deep within our psyche allows us to feel an invisible force – a conscious undertow guiding humanity through its evolution (or devolution!). Continue reading

Hear that? There’s some freedom ringing out…

Hah! Sorry Dick Cheney, your buddy Mubarak is bye-bye!

Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak has Finally stepped down after 30 years and to the day Iran had it’s revolution.



The Brand New Uncensored Show


That’s right.  We decided long ago that it was about time to bring out the biff and pack some real punches by way of ‘golden expressionism’, otherwise known as ‘colorful language’ and boy, did we certainly do THAT fairly well!   Continue reading

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