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Philip Imbrogno is quite the man on paper – with a huge Curriculum Vitae that most would envy. His wealth of experience is reflected alone in just how many current and ongoing publications he writes covering the topics of science and astrology. Philip holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in physics, astronomy and chemistry, and is the founder and former director of the Astronomical Society of Greenwich and former director of the Bowman Observatory.

As a science educator and leading expert of ufology, Philip’s discoveries have lead the state of New York to change its tourist literature on the stone chambers and on Balanced Rock, a boulder resting on several smaller stones. Philip has authored and co-authored books on topics of pandimensional variety, including UFOs and ET contact, Genies, and Multidimensional Portals. His numerous guest appearances on television, along with his video and audio library of shows, not forgetting his current and upcoming books, and other literature, is certainly a combined archive that will open your mind to the mysteries of the paranormal universe that surrounds us.

Philip joins us to talk about a range of topics relating to unanswered mysteries of extraterrestrial origin and other-worldly nature, including documented proof of such possibilities in the form of EVP and Hauntings, and more.