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Aaron McCollum, original founder of Universal Truth Evolution, joins us on this momentous and important show to discuss a system of analysis shared specifically with him (for us all) by the highly advanced beings we call Arcturians. The knowledge they have passed on could very well be the single, most important thing for every Human on this planet to understand, and that is, The Emotional and Free Will Spectrums.

The Spectrums, which ONLY work when fully activated and understood, will have effects on you that may be beyond your conscious imagination, including removing the ability to be mind-controlled – and this concerns the Global Elite, in ways unimaginable. The Emotional Spectrum involves understanding and respecting every single part of it, and the Free Will Spectrum uses a range pertaining to states of being, from absolute Slave to absolute Free Spirit. Once analyzed and understood, you will actually begin to repair your own physical and psychic DNA. The follow-on effect will allow you to ‘see’ differently as well as use all your senses in a much higher state.

In summary, as the Cosmic Energy Wave further saturates our planet, Earth, we will begin to raise our vibration if – and only IF – we have empowered our Spectrums. There will be more contactees, Astral Projection, Pineal Gland activation and more. As this occurs, which won’t happen overnight necessarily, we will become stronger and clearer of sound, mind and soul and will not be affected by the controllers. This is a true revolution against the ‘consciousness war’ that has been fought for eons of time, and The Global Elite know this!

Once we reach the Collective Conscious Climax – globally – we can finally reclaim our Soul Birthright, and that is to become the true Guardians of Earth. Only then we will open the door to our Star Family who have been watching, waiting and hoping for us to unlock our full potential, so that on a cosmic level we ALL co-exist in the Utopia we deserve.