During these ever changing times some might recognize redundancy like a re-run on television. A noetic sense of repetition that is imbedded deep within our psyche allows us to feel an invisible force – a conscious undertow guiding humanity through its evolution (or devolution!).

Mapping this out from an astrological point of view reveals a story of symbolic meanings and potential upheaval in consciousness. The archetypal meaning of the outer planets seems to have been derived principally from correlations between the individual natal charts and personal transits of synchronistic phenomena in the time these planets were re-discovered.

Let’s examine the astrological effects/influences of Uranus and Pluto:


Uranus – Rebellious; progressive and innovative; awakening; disruptive and destabilizing; unpredictable, but serving to catalyze new beginnings and sudden unexpected change.


Pluto – Dionysian; elemental; instinctual; powerfully compelling; extreme in its intensity, ie; ‘arising from the depths’; libidinal and destructive; overwhelming and transformative, and ever-evolving on the collective level.


Due to the great distance of both planets from the sun and earth, Pluto and Uranus’ cycle is one of the longest of all planetary cycles, and due to Pluto’s eccentric orbit, it’s similar in duration. The opposition and conjunction between Uranus and Pluto – the two axial alignments – occur only once per century, with each aspect lasting approximately twelve years.

‘Planetary Aspects’ are angles the planets make to each other in the horoscope, and also pertain to the ascendant (rising), the midheaven (located at the top), the descendant (west of the midheaven) and the nadir (south of the midheaven) making a perfect cross. Aspects are focal points in the natal chart and or horoscope where the corresponding sign, planet and/or house involved are giving ‘extra emphasis’. Aspects are said to influence affairs on earth, giving real meaning to the phrase “As above, so below…”

Oftentimes when ‘hard angles’ form between Uranus and Pluto, there is a great likelihood for social unrest and dislocation – rebellious tendencies with great creative force and intensity. Pluto takes the archetypal energies of Uranus and expedites its manifestations; anything that Pluto touches greatly intensifies the placements therein.

Here are some past examples where this planetary influence defined moments in our history:


1787 to 1798 – Uranus opposite Pluto

This was the time of the French Revolution, described affectionately as “…an upsurge of tremendous rebellious and liberating energies sweeping the planet, with change affecting the societal structures…”, while in the United States, Britain, and France, the first widespread call for the abolition of slavery took place. Also, the U.S. Constitution and the French Declaration of Rights were written during this period.


1845 to 1856 – Uranus conjunct Pluto

Waves of revolutionary upheavals in almost every corner of the world were happening during this time, especially in places such as Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Dresden, Baden, Prague and Rome. The Milan revolution occurred during these years, along with the writing of ‘The Communist Manifesto’ by the German marxist, Karl Marx. Attempts in the women’s rights movement began with Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, and China started their revolutions.


1896 to 1907 Uranus opposite Pluto

Revolutionary activities in China took place, such as ‘The Boxer Rebellion’; Ghandi became known through leading civil disobedience movements ; The rise of labor movements throughout Europe and North American cities occurred; and the founding of Socialist parties in England, US, Russia and France was implemented.


1960 to 1972 – Uranus conjunct Pluto

This timeline, again, as exampled above, coincided precisely with the time of tremendous innovation and revolutionary impulses across the world, with social upheaval and liberating change occurring in many countries. During this time in the United States – known as the ‘hippy revolution’ – civil unrest manifested with numerous demonstrations and non violent committees, and more importantly, the Civil Rights Acts of 1965 and 1968.


And here we are again… 2011 to 2018 – Uranus square Pluto

Earlier this year we witnessed the strong and brave courage of the people of Egypt standing against their government with success. Now Libya and other countries are starting to feel this uproar. The call for change cannot be ignored and/or overseen when the structure that once held strong is deteriorating rapidly… We are forced to sink or swim, and we have done this before and it will happen again, for this invisible force causes revolts from above or from below.


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