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Dale Graff, researcher, writer, and speaker internationally known for his insights into the processes of the mind, was a director of STARGATE, the government’s program for research and applications of remote viewing, an aspect of extrasensory perception (ESP). He coined the name STARGATE to symbolize an innovative effort of exploration that expanded the range of human potential. Dale began formal research into psychic or psi phenomenon in the early 1970s and is one of the country’s experts in psi phenomena. He is recognized for his understanding of our natural psi talents as being a spectrum available while awake, called Conscious State Psi (CSP), and while asleep and dreaming called Dream State Psi (DSP).

Dale joins Universal Truth Evolution to examine precognition, the apparent ability to foresee the future, and explains how precognition is associated with other experiences usually labeled as paranormal or psi phenomena such as extrasensory perception (ESP), special cases of remote viewing (RV), and unusual coincidences or synchronicity. Dale will also provide a variety of examples from the government’s Stargate remote viewing program and from his own independent research.

Part of the discussion will cover dreams, both ordinary and psi, and the significance of psi for the well being and possible evolution of individuals and society. Dale will also explain how anyone can seek and develop their own psi talents – especially intuition and psi dreaming – and become better able to survive in a world where challenges to our safety are increasing and ‘bolts-from-the-blue’ may occur to anyone of us at any time.

Dale’s books, ‘Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness’ and ‘River Dreams’ have brought him international recognition as he describes his personal evolution from scientific doubter in aeronautical engineering and physics, to that of accepting the reality of psi abilities. His books have been praised for their honesty and for the way he presents psychic experiences in a neutral perspective, free of dogma and belief systems.

Dale has appeared on several national and international TV programs, including Good Morning America, Larry King Live, The Crier Report, CNN Sunday Morning News, and several documentaries for the A & E and History Channel.


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