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A true Indigo who was once searching for purpose, Jeremiah’s quest for answers led him on the path of information activism – researching, gathering and sharing the truth about who we are on a soul level, our limitless potential for greatness, and why humanity can’t seem to extend beyond our current situation with the shadow government and global elite darkening our every step towards enlightenment. With the creation of Project Information Generation (PIG) Radio, Jeremiah has literally stepped over boundaries, vocally pushed barriers aside, and moved mental blockades to achieve the goals he made for himself at the start of his recent journey with the help of personal mentors and guides that he has found along the way. Continue reading

George Kavassilas – Ascension And Beyond

Please welcome George Kavassilas as he visits Universal Truth Evolution to share his life journey with us in a one-to-one, down to earth style, relating with many on a personal/human level about the challenges he has had to face to reach his enlightment. George offers incredibly vivid details and a unique perspective about the coming times through his his personal experience and wisdom. George introduces himself with this following message: Continue reading

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