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Marie D Jones is another powerful woman that Universal Truth Evolution couldn’t resist interviewing! And we mean divine femine ‘power’ using her knowledge, wisdom and experience to furnish a career in the paranormal slash PSIence and metaphysical fields, telling it like it is through publications of all varieties.

Some of Marie’s best selling books include ’11:11-The Time Prompt Phenomenon’,’2013: End of Days or A New Beginning – Envisioning the World After the Events of 2012′ and ‘The Deja Vu Enigma’ in which our very own Show Host, Jerry Avalos, was quoted! Marie has many other books covering similar topics, including that of the mysterious spritual/religious topic of ‘God’ and mysteries of the mind. She is also a screenwriter with several projects in development, a popular guest on radio and TV and she occasionally co-hosts Dreamland Radio.

Marie often appears at lectures and conferences speaking about metaphysics, the paranormal and human potential and also serves as a staff writer for several magazines, including Intrepid and New Dawn.

Marie joins U.T.E. this episode to discuss another of her best selling books, entitled, ‘The Trinity Secret: The Power of Three and the Code of Creation’ and how NOW more than ever people must learn to take responsibility for their power as creators, and understand the true workings of the law of attraction… Here’s a hint: It has three parts!

Marie welcomes audience questions relating to 2012 and personal evolution and just about any topic you can think that might promote our advancement, both spiritually and mentally.