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Known for many things controversial, ‘Aaron’s Rants’ sure take the editorial prize for being the most colorfully descriptive on Universal Truth Evolution, to date. At Aaron’s request, we’ve opened our 3rd ‘Uncensored’ Late Night Show, as a raw but prevalent outlet for Aaron to publicly express to those of like mind and mature understanding, his accurate and timely view on certain events taking place around us. Aaron’s intelligently outspoken manner, backed by REAL and provable documented data, is what makes these late evening shows such a hit! No topic is taboo, and whilst the subject matter is as serious as any mainstream debate, we promote expression with a light-hearted sense of humor.

Love it or hate it – the ability to be yourself and have your say – even change your mind once in a while – is what makes Universal Truth Evolution so unique, and we stick by that! Join us as we welcome Aaron on the show again, open slather, to discuss whatsoever he feels he needs to share. Even WE have no idea what he intends to say this time!