Show Host, Aaron McCollum, explains: “I met Kevin at the beginning of this year when he contacted me to be on his show to discuss the Gulf of Aden, Project Talent and more. Four interviews and several long private conversations later, I learned that there is so much to Kevin that most may be unaware of. I asked Kevin to take the other seat and be my guest on the show to bring to the listeners his experience and insight into the world he has been a part of.”

As Kevin describes himself: “I am a former International Police officer. I did 13 overseas missions in that capacity. Prior to that, I was a deputy sheriff and then a city police officer. As a cop, I was always focused on the things people would not talk about when I was investigating. The holes in their information was where the truth usually was hidden. I found that there were huge holes in the information being provided the public when it came to the subject of UFOs and the paranormal. Inside those giant holes there are tons of government documents that tell the very shocking truth – the truth they work so hard to keep you from knowing. That is why I founded The Kevin Smith Show, and why I still do it night after night.”