Sierra Goodman is a true inspiration of what the power of the Human Spirit is capable of. Join us as we discuss self empowerment, Dolphins, Whales, Atlantis, and more!

Sierra is someone who truly lives her dreams. What she wants – be it convertibles, careers or cottages on the beach in Costa Rica – she manifests! Sierra attributes her dream manifesting abilities to her knowledge and implementation of the Laws of the Universe. She has learnt to follow her inner guidance and intuition and take inspired action.

Sierra’s accomplishments were once darkened by a shadow that followed her everywhere: a poor body image. Like countless millions, Sierra struggled throughout her life with being overweight, and the disastrous effects of ‘yo-yo’ dieting. But once she found the wisdom to use the Law of Attraction on her physical body, a true miracle occurred and within one year, Sierra had lost 170 pounds. That’s because instead of relying on ordinary diet modalities which focus on excess body weight, goal-setting, calorie, fat and carb counting, and constant weigh-ins, Sierra took a radically different approach and began a rigorous self-loving program that included actually visualizing and thinking herself as the thin, vibrant and healthy person she knew herself to be.

Sierra has developed a large fan base and mailing list from her Law of Attraction and Weight Loss website, and has had a very positive world wide response to her e-book, Becoming Thin & the Law of Attraction; and was on the front page and written about in the multi-million circulation magazine, ‘Woman’s World’.