Please welcome George Kavassilas as he visits Universal Truth Evolution to share his life journey with us in a one-to-one, down to earth style, relating with many on a personal/human level about the challenges he has had to face to reach his enlightment. George offers incredibly vivid details and a unique perspective about the coming times through his his personal experience and wisdom. George introduces himself with this following message:

“My name is George Kavassilas and I have had an incredible range of experiences including traveling up through the dimensions of our Universe in 2003 and rediscovering what life here on this planet is all about. It is more significant than you are led to believe. You are far more significant and magnificent in the greater scheme of things than you can possibly imagine.

“I wish to share with you my knowledge and wisdom, which I have gained over a lifetime of extraordinary experiences, including meeting and interacting with many different ET races, both benevolent and malevolent. I also have a comprehensive understanding of the ascension process, including the harmonics and timing of the two main phases of our DNA’s transformation into ‘Homo Illuminous’ or ‘Hu-Man’.

“Please understand the Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Council of Light of which I am a part is not the same as a group calling themselves the Galactic Federation of Light. At the time I gave my 2004 presentation I, too, was being manipulated by the Galactic Federation of Light, however the majority of information provided is valid. As you read and understand my work this distinction will become important to each and everyone of us…”