Suzanne’s interest in the UFO phenomenon was sparked when she had her first UFO sighting at the age of eight, along with her family, of a glowing orange, cigar-shaped object hovering over the Bombay Hills, south of Auckland. It was sighted by hundreds of people and was reported the next day in the national newspaper, the New Zealand Herald.

Suzanne has 35 years experience in UFO research and sighting investigations. She began seriously researching UFOs and related phenomena in 1975, and has lectured nationally and internationally at UFO conferences and groups for 16 years. She established UFOCUS NZ in 2000 to contribute to the growing public interest in UFOs, and other related topics, and to provide a comprehensive UFO sighting investigation service to New Zealand nationwide.

Suzanne networks worldwide with researchers and investigators, authors in the UFO field, and other professionals and scientists researching these phenomena. As well as lecturing internationally, she has published articles in overseas UFO magazines, contributed to documentaries and books on the topic, and is working on writing her own book at present.