Jef Harvey is back again for round two on Universal Truth Evolution! This time he will be discussing remote viewing, lucid dreaming, metaphysics and much more of what is involved in these topics.

As a child, Jef Harvey experienced many interesting and unusual events including meditation, muscle and mind control practices and mental projection. He came from an unusual family which accepted and experimented with things out of the ordinary. These and other tools prepared him for what was later to come when he joined the US Navy.

Jef extensively researches brain wave and energy channel development, stimulation and entrainment; information field imprinting and modulation to enable the body to repair itself; and organ and glandular stimulation via superfood concentrates, photonic and frequency based modalities.

Other areas of study and research with which he is familiar and has worked are:

– Vibratory entrainment and detoxification technologies

– Cellular level detoxification using Gary Tunsky’s and Dr Yanick’s protocols, food grade hydrogen peroxide, oxygen forms and salt forms

– Cellular level regeneration via nutrient dense whole food (solid and liquid), multi-stage ferments, phytonutrient concentrates, oxygen forms and photonic energy application

– Consciousness projection techniques in both animate and inanimate partners

– Remote influencing including large field manipulation with a focus on control forms and pattern gateways.

– Quantum field manipulation via saturation propagation, passive field leakage utilization and dynamic parasitic induction techniques.